5 Key Benefits Of Leasing A Car At Our Mansfield Car Dealership

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Lease a car, truck or SUV at Spitzer Motors of Mansfield Ohio

5 Key Benefits Of Leasing A Car At Our Mansfield Car Dealership

Answers To Your Car Lease Questions

Drivers in Mansfield and Ontario, Ohio have many ways of owning a car. Some of these ways include trade-ins, paying cash, obtaining an auto loan and leasing. Although many people think that buying a car makes more sense economically than a car lease, leasing has its own benefits. If you would like to lease a car at affordable rates, visit Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Mansfield. We have a wide collection of new cars on top brands such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM. Here are some of the benefits of a car lease.

Lower Monthly Payments

When leasing a car, you are only paying for its depreciation during the lease period. Assuming you are leasing the car for only 36 months, you will be paying for the depreciation during that particular period. The difference between the current value of the value and the residual value is what is used to determine the amount you would be paying monthly. After your car lease period is over, you return it to the dealer. You can continue leasing it, select another car or even buy it if you want.

You Don’t Incur Repair Costs & You Don’t Pay Much for Maintenance

When you get a car lease in Mansfield, you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties last up to 36 months, depending on the model of the car so if your lease term is below 36 months, you will be covered. Some major repair costs are also well-covered during the first couple of years. Get a Chrysler, Dodge, RAM or Jeep lease today and be covered for the long haul!

Drive New High-Profile Cars

If you decide to lease a car, your monthly payments won’t be as high. This means, people can afford higher quality cars, trucks and SUVs than they’d normally be able to get. Besides the benefit of driving a new car for less, you also get to enjoy the latest features. Safety features, new infotainment systems and modern luxurious interiors are some of the features you can find in new cars. Even when your lease term is over, you can pick a new model and negotiate new lease terms. You can shift from one car model to another without spending thousands of dollars on buying new cars after every couple of years.

Tax Benefits & Gap Coverage

If you plan on using your leased car for business purposes, you can write off the lease as a tax deduction. You only pay tax on the usage portion of the lease not the whole price of the vehicle. You save hundreds of dollars as deductions compared to buying a new car. Besides this benefit, you pay a smaller down payment compared to when you are buying the car.

Additionally, most leases include gap insurance which will protect you and your vehicle if it is stolen or if you get in an accident. Be sure to ask a member of our sales team for more information about gap coverage.

Get A New Car Lease In Mansfield, OH

With so many benefits, it is crystal clear that a car lease is worth it. If you are based in the Mansfield or Ontario, Ohio communities and would like to lease a car or even buy a new one, visit our showroom at Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Mansfield. We have plenty of options that can meet anyone’s budget.

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