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Spitzer Motors of Mansfield CDJR has a long-standing reputation for stocking the most innovative new and used cars for sale. Our CDJR dealership believes in transparency, which is why our loyal customers return to us for the best deals and premium customer service. Our goal is to help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family while also helping you to maintain it long term.

We are pleased to also host a finance center with professionals who seek out the best rates and terms for a car loan or car lease. Financing doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, our expert finance team seeks to make your car-buying experience a memorable one. See how our CDJR dealership is different when inquiring about auto finance incentives and specials for a car loan or car lease at Spitzer Motors of Mansfield CDJR.

Car Lease vs. Car Loan

Once you’ve found the perfect SUV, Jeep, sedan or heavy-duty pickup truck that meets and exceeds your expectations, it’s time to decide between a car lease or a car loan. There are many benefits to both auto finance options at our CDJR finance center. When choosing a car lease, drivers often pay less at signing and are offered lower monthly payments during this short-term contract.

A car lease is similar to renting a vehicle. You get to drive premium trims of high-end models that you may not be able to afford through a car loan and you drive the vehicle during its most trouble-free years. While a car lease may limit the number of miles you can drive and does restrict you from customizing or accessorizing the vehicle, you have the opportunity to drive an SUV, sedan or pickup truck that features the latest technology, a high-performance engine and exceptional style.

The most traditional route is a car loan. This option gives you ownership of the vehicle and the freedom to add accessories or customize with exterior components, heated seats and more. Once you’ve made all payments and met the auto finance terms, you own the vehicle outright. This means you can keep it long term, trade it in or sell it outright.

When deciding between a car loan and a car lease, consider how long you typically keep vehicles and your preference of models and features. The team at our finance center is happy to help you navigate this decision. Stop in to discuss your financial situation and allow us to present you with online tools, such as our car payment calculator, to help you make an informed decision between a car lease and a car loan.

Auto finance services in Mansfield, OH

Convenient Online Finance Center Tools

Our CDJR dealership also makes online car buying a real possibility. Our online finance center tools give you the freedom to start the auto finance process from the comfort of your own home. Simply access our website to browse our available inventory of new and used cars for sale. Once you’ve found the perfect SUV, pickup truck or sedan, utilize our finance center tools such as the car payment calculator and the no-obligation credit application. You can also virtually value your trade-in and chat virtually with our finance center professionals.

Auto Repair Financing and Service Financing

Our website also offers resources to acquire auto repair financing for any maintenance needs you may have in the future. Service financing comes in handy when unexpected auto repairs come your way. Our CDJR dealership is pleased to offer service financing at the lowest rates to help you keep your vehicle in prime condition without impacting your quality of life.

Contact the finance center team at our CDJR dealership to learn more about how to save with monthly service specials and auto repair financing today.

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The bottom line is that the finance center team at Spitzer Motors of Mansfield CDJR cares. We take a personal approach and really listen to your needs. Allow us the opportunity to help you determine your car-buying budget and decide between a car lease or a car loan. Our goal is to find you the best rates for a car loan and the most attractive terms for a car lease.

Contact us today to learn more about our premium collection of new and used cars for sale and the special car loan and car lease incentives that save you more at signing.

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