How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

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Do you remember when your last car battery was installed? If not, you might be wondering: how long do car batteries last? While most car batteries have a lifespan of three to four years, there are several factors that can affect average vehicle battery life, and it’s important to recognize the signs before it’s too late. If you think your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram vehicle is due for a new battery, swing by our service center at Spitzer Motors of Mansfield CDJR and have one of our specialists take a look. Read below to find out what all you need to know before you get caught with a car that won’t start.

Average Vehicle Battery Life

Whether you use your vehicle for daily commutes around Mansfield, long cross-country trips, or just the occasional leisurely drive, it’s important to make sure your car battery is in good running condition. While the range for battery life can be anywhere between one and two years up to five and six years depending on make, model, and driving habits, having your battery replaced every three to four years is a safe way to go. Having routine maintenance checks like oil changes, tire service, and brake service is a great way to extend the life of your car battery.

Factors That Can Shorten Battery Life

There are several factors that can affect your average vehicle battery life. Your driving habits, location and climate, and lack of routine maintenance can all affect the longevity of your vehicle and its battery life and may require you to replace your battery before the factory recommendation period.

  • Driving Habits: if you aren’t a frequent driver, leaving your car in the garage for extended periods of time may shorten battery life. Or if you drive on tough terrain, it’s possible to push your battery to the extreme, ultimately leading to a shorter lifespan.
  • Climate and temperature: driving year-round in a hot climate will generally weaken your battery and require more maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Corrosion: leaving your car exposed to harsh weather conditions can lead to rust and corrosion, which can cause your battery to perform under expectations.

What Are the Signs Your Car Battery is Low?

It’s extremely important to know the signs you need a car battery change before you’re caught with a car that won’t start. Checking for things like making sure the engine light is on, if the engine is slow to start, or whether you’re experiencing other electric issues with phone chargers, heated seats, etc., can all be indicators that it’s time for a car battery change. Most importantly, keep track of when your battery was installed. If you’re nearing three years without a replacement, it might be time to schedule car battery maintenance.

Schedule a Car Battery Change at Spitzer Motors of Mansfield CDJR Today

Whether it’s time to replace your car battery, or if you’re in need of routine maintenance, swing by Spitzer Motors of Mansfield CDJR today and let one of our service technicians keep your car running strong. Save money with our service specials and free battery testing. Schedule your appointment online, or give us a call at (567)-247-0267 to learn more about all the services we offer!


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